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 The Lab - Armor/Weapon Smithing, Inn, and Labratories

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Kejan Ultima

Kejan Ultima

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PostSubject: The Lab - Armor/Weapon Smithing, Inn, and Labratories   Sat Oct 22, 2011 10:18 pm

The Lab

Within the village, there was a shack. A small, stone building, with a counter. A doorway next to the counter led behind it, to a stairwell leading into the ground. On the counter, there was a bar with a movable arrow. There were three segments:
In Lab | With A Customer | Away
The arrow was pointed to the first, indicating the shop owner to be below. If the arrow was above the second segment, it meant that the shopkeep was below, servicing a customer. The third indicated that the shopkeep was not here, and that you would have to come back later. The first segment had a small button below it, a buzzer to summon the patron. There was no bar option for his presence in the shack; it was too small for people NOT to know when he was there, and therefore the option was unnecessary. Another thing on the counter was a list of materials and options for the customer. This would allow them to tell him what they wanted in the armor he would make for them.

The stairwell led down two stories before you reached the first room. Once you reached this depth, the real marvel began. The stairwell was at the very center of a large rectangular room, filled with tables, anvils, and tools. The oddest feature was a large indent in one of the walls closer to the stairs. It was empty. That was where customers requesting Groundbreaker armor would stand, and the armor literally crafted AROUND them. The other facilities were for armor requested to be made of some other material.

Three stories below, and continuing for another five, was the residence of the shopkeep, Kejan Ultima. These five stories were arranged as follows:
Material Storage
Low-danger Experiments
Sleeping Quarters
Medium-danger Experiments
High-danger Experiments.
They were arranged this way for a reason, of course. The Materials Storage level serviced all of the experiment levels below AND the Smithy above, and as such was put there for ease of access. Low-danger was below that, because most of what went on THERE was no real threat to the supplies. Kejan's Quarters, as well as those of guests, were located there for ease of escape if there was a disaster below, but also so that Kejan could get down there and contain things if one occurred.
The other two levels were placed such for the safety of Aeron. If a disaster occurred, it would be contained simply by being underground. This included failure of the Lab's power generator, located on the lowest level.
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The Lab - Armor/Weapon Smithing, Inn, and Labratories
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